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Fresca Café & Gelato


Call: 919-851-8171


Open Daily: 7:00am – 10:00pm
Kitchen Hours: 8:00am – 9:00pm



Fresca Café and Gelato is the exact opposite of the average American coffee shop where you can just grab-and-go with a drink. Fresca provides customers with more options as a restaurant and sit down coffee shop at the same time. The cozy inside area with the unique wall fireplace and classy decor allows customers to enjoy an elegant feel of Europe while the modern outside patio allows people to take pleasure in lounge seating on a beautiful day or a warm evening.

What makes Fresca Café and Gelato different? Fresca presents a unique concept that differs from other cafes and restaurants. When a person comes into Fresca, they will automatically feel welcome with our generous and helpful service. Customers are encouraged to sit down and are able to order a simple cup of coffee, glass of wine, gelato, etc. or even endure in a three course meal. This concept, as well as the pleasant atmosphere in Fresca, attracts customers of all types and ages- kids, parents enjoying a date, family brunches, book/knitting clubs, business people holding meetings, elderly couples, etc.

Furthermore, Fresca is an escape to Europe, serving French-styled pastries and crepes as well as gelato made with ingredients directly from Italy. The food is made from scratch, the coffee drinks are made directly in front of customers, and the gelato is made in-house, served in a variety of different flavors. Another positive aspect of Fresca is that the variety of products served enables customers to come at any time of day. They can enjoy breakfast and lunch throughout the morning and afternoon, savor in a tasteful dinner at night, or wine-down in the late evening with a tasty appetizer and a glass of one of our many wines. Fresca is truly the spot to be when looking to go out and enjoy oneself or the company of friends, whether it be in the morning, afternoon, or evening. With delicate, enriching food and a friendly environment, what more could a customer ask for when looking for a high-quality place to enjoy a nice and relaxing time. So instead of asking “Why Fresca?”, you should ask “Why not?”



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