CorePower Yoga

29 May 2018

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned yogi, we believe in working every muscle and every emotion. CorePower classes, instructors and network of over 170 yoga studios nationwide are there to welcome you when you’re ready for a yoga fitness experience unlike any other.

Purchase a Black Tag Membership to access to over 150 studios across the nation and exclusive benefits.


29 May 2018

The area’s leading medical spa, BodyLase offers the latest innovations in laser hair removal, skin and body rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments in a relaxing environment.

Amazing Lash Studio

29 May 2018

Ready to give your eyes a luxurious upgrade?

Armed with their own brand of natural-looking lashes, Amazing Lash Studio’s lash stylists diligently place lash extensions to provide thick and full lashes. Within each luxurious studio, licensed aestheticians craft a full, lush lash line without harming your natural lashes. Each lightweight fiber extends the natural lash and most clients find they never need to hassle with mascara again!

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